Monday, September 13, 2010

Week 4: Collage

Craft: In this collage I used a digital camera to capture the figures and objects seen in the image above.  The tools used were my digital camera, and selected photoshop tool.  The photoshop tools consist of the magnetic wand tool, regular wand tool, eraser, and the magnetic lasso tool.  These tools were all used to cut out and arrange the images in the final product shown above.

Concept: In this image I was going for a random composition of photos of my people places and things.  The overall concept did not come to me until I finished the collage for the first time and it immediately made me think of the orbit commercials "dirty mouth? clean it up" and the object of the light bulb just went right along with that theme, seeing as a light bulb is bright and the orbit gum is focused on brightening your smile. The character known as Aarika seen standing on the light bulb is covered in white paint from when we were on a ministry trip, and composed with her body position I deemed her the defender of the mouth. As for the figures that are lurking around in the front of the mouth, they are suppose to be viewed as a threat to the mouth, like cavity creators. This brings me to the two males standing at the light bulb, they are cavity creators that have been defeated by the defender of the smile and she has recruited them to work as her helpers. They are NOT worshiping the light bulb, they are merely kissing it.

Composition: This overall collage is composed of five different photos that have been cropped and put together into the piece seen above. The arrangement of this collage is of a female figure shown standing on top of a light bulb that is accompanied by two identical male figures that are kissing the light bulb.  There is also a couple that is hiding between the front teeth and the lips of the giant mouth. They are in such a position to look like they are watching what is going on inside the mouth. So for the completing and easiest way to explain the composition: five different photos have been cut and cropped in such a way that four of them look to be as if they are standing inside of the mouth, and the mail bending over was duplicated and placed on the left of the bulb.

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