Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 6: Color Review






Craft: I am going to use a different photo of a hand to create the illusion that Aarika is actually holding the tooth brush.  It was brought to my attention that is it just resting between her arms so I am going to take a photo of a hand in a similar position, but one that looks as if it would be holding the brush and use the blur tool to blend them together with a bit of color. I will also need to use a few tools to crisp out the edges that are around the light bulb and Aarika because when she is made brighter it is clear where some of her edges have been cut out, possibly add some shadow effects as well.

Concept: The concept of these images are that different kinds of bacteria and bad things for you teeth enter your mouth through your choice of foods, so I does appear that this concept is lost in the 4th photo, and some of the 3rd.  The man on the candy bar is a rodeo rider because he fits perfect with the idea of riding in on a candy bar.  His outfit is a little too busy for the image so I am going t o try and fix that.  Overall, through the anonymous letters that were placed with my images during class, all three letters seemed to understand my concept quite well.

Composition: Each image is composed of a different saturation, hue, and value changes, but all the images have the same arrangement of characters as to not confuse the viewer. 1, 2, 4, and 5 show different changes in color, texture, and style to the characters only. I wanted to experiment with them just a little. All images except one have changes exposure and changes in opacity as well.  Almost all of the images show the characters with a lower opacity except for number 4. I wanted the characters in number 4 to appear like they are chocolate that is in the mouth so they are composed of a new solid brown layer, that was finalized with a texture that somewhat resembles candy, or a chocolate bar. I am also going to try and keep Aarika and the light bulb the center of the attention in the photos, because it appears that in a few she blends in with the mouth and does not show much importance at first glance.

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