Monday, September 20, 2010

Week 5: Re-Collage

     In this finished image of the collage a few changed have clearly been made. From the original first collage the figure were just placed in random positions and were not really telling the story I wanted them to tell, so decided to find more photos to add to the mix that will help get my message across and will also be more entertaining. 

    The couple that was located in the front of the mouth has been reduced to one figure that is lurking in the front teeth. He represents the sugars and things that come from eating a cup cake(hence the frosting in his head). The cupcake man has also been moves more towards the right of the image to give it a little more balance.  The next change I made was that of the two men that were standing at the light bulb. I got rid of one of them so that it would look more original, and more believable that the defender has captured one of the cavity people. In place of the figure I removed, I added another cavity creator riding in on a candy bar, he is holding a pick axe to show that he is a danger to the mouth and the teeth.  There is also a child that is running off in the distance that is leaving chocolate foot prints all over the mouth and teeth.  He is just being a nuisance to the defender who is trying to fight everyone off.

     The changes that have been made to the defender is that she is now shown as a bigger figure than most of the cavity people. She is also armed with a toothbrush in her hands, and with a roll of dental floss around her shoulder.  This is to show that the defender is ready for battle against what ever the cavity creators try to thrown at her.  She has also captured one of them and this is why there is a ball and chain shown around the figures ankle that is kissing the light bulb.

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