Friday, October 29, 2010

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Inspiring Work

Craft: The tools used to make these images range in different varieties.  The first image was created through oil on a canvas and is more of a traditional feel to the art realm, while the second two come from the modern wing of the Art Institute of Chicago.  The second photo I took was of a neon like that is composed of several different works that coordinate in a flashing rhythm to illuminate the shape of the familiar peace sign, and the last image is a collage that is in a remembrance to those who serve, and have served our country.

Concept: I chose these three images as the ones that inspire me most, because they all show a relation to peace and love in their own ways.  The first image shows the scene of a sunset, but instead of the sun shining through the three it is placed right on top of them.  When looking at this paining I feel relaxed and calm, its more of a peaceful feeling to me, its as if I was sitting on my front porch relaxing and just watching the sun set.  I chose the second piece of art work because I love the peace sign in general.  It just has so much power behind its meaning in this world.  What made me love it more was that is was created through neon light that were words such as "love, human, death, animal, nature, etc."  It pretty much just makes the statement that there is peace in all these things.  The final work of art I chose was the military collage.  This picture really struck home for me and I just wanted to take it off the wall and bring it with me.  Growing up in a military family, and working on my enlistment really makes you realize certain things about how we live our lives from day to day, and the outcome of our actions, and sometimes you just grown up faster than those around you.  When I saw this picture is made me feel so overwhelmed with emotion. I was pissed, I wanted to cry, and at the same time I loved it.  It was my favorite.  Definitely a good motivating collage.  This image demonstrates peace through the fact that we are protected by those willing to fight for our freedom and rights, but along with the neon sign; it confronts death and human nature as well...

Composition:  The first image was composed of oil on canvas and create to look as if it were towards the end of the day as the sun was just going down, but instead of seeing it glisten through the trees, we see this orange/red dot that registers in our minds as the sun.  The second image I took is of a neon peace sign that is composed of rods that are bent and put together to form the circle of the peace sign, whose purpose is to hold the words of the sign in place to form the peace symbol.  Some of the words that are on the sign are listed above, but I will list them again (love, human, death, animal, nature).  The last image I took is of a collage that is composed of two different photos, one being of soldiers carrying the flag covered caskets of fallen comrades and lining them up across the pavement, and the other shows a cemetery which appears to be Arlington. Both images were sliced into strips and placed one next to the other to create the dramatic effect shown above.

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