Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 10 - Funeral Barbie Package

Craft: The tools used to create this box were the rectangle marquee tool to create to size of the box that my barbie was to be placed in, then I chose a dark purple to fill the rectangle using the paint bucket tool. After creating the background layer I added another layer of the image of the barbie that I used in the original image of the casket.  Once the barbie was placed on the dark purple background, I duplicated the background layer and placed it on top of the barbie.  I grabbed the paint bucket and chose a lighter purple to fill this rectangle.  The I went into my tool bar and grabbed the polygon lasso tool to cut out the open areas shown on the box.  To create the side and bottom I used the rectangle marquee tool once again to line up the edges and create a thinner rectangle to filled and slanted.  I slanted the sides by going into the top tool bar and clicking on edit, then transform, and then over to screw.  Once this was done I put my mouse next to the rectangle and dragged down to give it the 3D effect. Then I used the brush tool, and changed my brush type to vector and chose a style, and placed it randomly across the box.  For the words I used the "fx" tool found towards the bottom of the layers and added a drop shadow and inner glow.  I did the same thing with the drop shadow for the box and the barbie.

Concept: The concept of this image was to create a box that explains the toy in the least amount of words, and gets the creepy message across from the design on the box. I wanted to used the orange behind the word funeral because it was my idea of incorporating the funeral sticker you receive for you car window into the box.  The reason I chose the colors that I did is because black was too common to use in this sort of concept.  I also chose it because in my town, when someone that works for the village (Police Officer, Fire Fighter, Mayor, Public Works, VFW, etc.) passes away, we hang a black and purple banner from our village hall.

Composition: This image is composed of layers of color and drop shadows to create the Barbie's box and the 3D effect.  It also consists of the barbie that I have used in the previous images of my misfit toy.  She is placed between two layers of color to create the illusion that she is inside the box.  This image is also composed of two different kinds of fonts. The first is used in the word funeral. Its a pretty plain style to just give the basic representation of the actual sticker, and the second is more of a elegant more common type that is shown on barbie boxes found in the typical toy store.

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