Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 11 - Funeral Barbie Final

Craft: The tools used to create this final image were the rectangle marquee tool which I used to create the box. I made the size of the box with the marquee tool and used the paint bucket tool to fill in the color I needed for each shape.  I also used the rectangle marquee tool to create the holes that are shown in the box by placing another lighter purple layer on top of the original and then mapping out the size that I needed and pressing the delete button to cut out the holes where you see the toys.  The toys I played in between the two colored layers and then positioned them in the right areas in the box by using the move tool, and making sure the right layer for the toy was highlighted before I moved the toy.  I created a new layer with the layer button and then used the gradient tool to create the light purple and white background shown behind the boxes, then I used a rose stamp tool to add the roses in the background as well. Once the gradient and  roses were complete I changed the opacity to lighten them to give a more subtle touch to the advertisement. Again in this final project I used the "fx" tool to add the drop shadows to the box and the toys. The last tool I used was the type tool.  I used this tool to create the words used on the box and in the advertisement.

Concept: The concept of this ad was to create and display a toy that looks as if it could be placed in store and in magazines, but the actual toy itself was against many moral values.  I wanted to use a two page spread because I wanted this toy to be the only focus, and not have another add on the next page. The reason I put the roses in the background is because it goes along with the funeral concept, because there are floral arrangements placed through out the funeral home, also the roses play into the barbie style as well.  For the add I also wanted to use a more elegant type because it relates to the girly feels of barbie toys.

Composition: This image is composed of the Funeral Barbie in her individual box, and is positioned next to the Barbie Funeral Kit.  In the kit you can see the doll sized casket, tombstone, and floral stand.  The advertisement is composed of the doll box and the funeral kit placed upon a gradient and floral background whose opacity has been changed to about 65%. It also has a "limited time only" notification on the top left of the two page ad.

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