Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Week 12: Re-Color

Craft: The tools used to create these three images can be found in Adobe Photoshop. I opened my photo in photoshop and double clicked on the layer called "Background" to turn it into layer 0.  After this was done I went to Image and Adjustments, then changed my original photo to black and white. When the image changes I added a new layer from the layer button located next to the trash can in the layer window.  I chose a color to use for the background layer (Layer 1) and moved the it underneath the existing "Layer 0."  When the color was set I clicked on layer 0, and changed its blending mode from normal to multiplicity. This allows the black and white image to show through the existing color.  Then I created another layer (Layer 2) and placed it between layer 0 and layer 1. I chose a brighter hue of the background color, and used the paint brush to color over the bunny. Once this process was complete I used the eraser tool to clean up some of the edges of the bunny.  I created the final player and placed it between layer 0 and layer 2.  For this last layer I chose an even brighter hue and colored in the flower on the bunny's head and went in with the eraser tool again and cleaned up the edges. I used this process for all three bunnies.

Concept: The concept of this assignment was too use three different hues to lead the viewers focal point to two different sections of the painting.  They are created to have one notice one thing to the next. That is why the bunny is lighter then the basket, but the flowers are almost white.  This is because I wanted the flower to be the focal point of the image.  It was the one thing that I wanted to pop the most.

Composition: These three images are composed of my bunny Pfeffernuse (Phefer-noose) who we placed inside a milk crate, and places a flower on his head.  I am amazed that he sat there for the photo. Each images is composed of four individual layers; one being the original photo in black and white, and the other three are the changes in hue to bring out the focal point of the images (flowers).

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